The Nut Job

Directed by Peter Lepeniotis / Produced by Graham Moloy & WK Jung / Screenplay by Peter Lepeniotis & Lorne Cameron / Story by Peter Lepeniotis Based on
Surly Squirrel by Peter Lepeniotis
Starring Will Arnett / Brendan Fraser / Gabriel Iglesias / Jeff Dunham / Liam Neeson / Katherine Heigl
Music by Paul Intson (RK Mix Engineer LCR Surround)
Edited by Paul Hunter
Production company Red Rover International / ToonBox Entertainment / Gulfstream Pictures
Distributed by Open Road Films (United States)

Joint Operations - Typhoon Rising

Developer NovaLogic / Publisher NovaLogic / MicroMouse Co.,Ltd.
Producer Joel Taubel / Designer Brent Houston
Composer Russell Brower, Paul M. Fox (RK Recording Engineer)
Engine Black Hawk engine (modified)

Daniel's Daughter

Producer David Till / Directed by Neill Fearnley / Written by Tracy Rosen
Starring Laura Leighton / Sebastian Spence
Music composer Ian Thomas (RK Mix Engineer 5.1 Surround)
Editor Ralph Brunjes

Steve Gadd - About Time

About Time is a film that takes us inside the heart, mind, and stirring rhythms of musical genius Steve Gadd.
Director / Photographer Jerry Simpson and Bill Zules have joined creative forces to tell the untold story of master percussionist Steve Gadd.
(RK Recording and Mix Engineer)

Survivor - Africa

Winner Ethan Zohn
Presented by Jeff Probst
Production Location Shaba National Reserve, Kenya
(RK Recording Engineer)

Sea Monsters 3D - A Prehistoric Adventure (Imax)

Produced by National Geographic / Directed by Sean MacLeod Phillips / Written by Mose Richards / Narrated by Liev Schreiber
Music by Richard Evans, David Rhodes and Peter Gabriel (RK Recording Engineer)
Edited by Jonathan P. Shaw
Distributed by National Geographic, Warner Bros.

Spin Doctors - Live In Germany

Spin Doctors performing Two Princes - Live In Manchester. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment
(RK Mix Engineer 5.1 Surround)

Care Bears - The Big Wish

Produced by Cynthia Taylor / Directed by Larry Jacobs & Ron Pitts / Written by Jeffrey Alan Schechter
Starring Stephanie Beard, Robert Tinkler, Julie Lemieux, Linda Ballantyne, Stephen Ouimette, Tracey Hoyt, Ron Rubin & Elizabeth Hanna
Music by Ian Thomas (RK Mix Engineer 5.1 Surround)
Edited by Jason Cohen
Production company Nelvana Limited / American Greetings / Lions Gate Home Entertainment

The Kostabi Story - Full Circle

Directed by Sabrina Digregorio directed by Sabrina Digregorio for Atena Films
Music by Mark Kostabi (RK Producer, Mix Engineer, Musician)

Care Bears - Journey to joke-a-Lot

Produced by Cynthia Taylor / Directed by Mike Fallows / Written by Jeffrey Alan Schechter
Starring Julie Lemieux, Allie Cannito, Adrian Truss, Susan Roman & Katie Griffin
Music by Ian Thomas (RK Mix Engineer 5.1 Surround)
Edited by Annellie Samuel
Production company Nelvana Limited / Sparx Animation Studios / American Greetings / United Plankton Pictures

Krishna Das - One Track Heart

Directed by Jeremy Frindel / Produced by Andrew Jones, Mike Harrop / Distributed by Zeitgeist Films
Featuring interviews with Ram Dass (LSD Icon Richard Alpert), Rick Rubin (Grammy Award winning Producer), Sharon Salzberg (NY Times bestselling author), Daniel Goleman (two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee)
Musical score by J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) & Devadas and songs by Krishna Das (RK Engineer)